May 9, 2007

Myspace at the Library

Posted in Myspace at 2:48 am by librarygirl

Like thousands of public libraries all over the nation, this summer we will begin the ever popular summer reading program. The theme this year is basically a “mystery”. No, I’m serious, it’s a who-dun-it theme. And in keeping with that theme we have created a crime scene at the library, complete with chalk outlines and police tape (not as easy to get as you might think).

The story goes like this:

Sadly, all staff members working at the library last Friday died quite mysteriously. The only clues we have are seven strange pictures scattered on the floor near the bodies. To solve this mystery we need the help of the teens who frequent the library. Follow the clues and if you think you’vr solved the mystery of our untimely demise go to our myspace account and tell us the answer. If you get it right, you get a prize.

Here is the link to our myspace account:

So if you know any teenagers or if you are a teenager come by the library checkout out the clues and help us solve the mystery.

Not interested in the mystery? Checkout our Myspace account anyway. The pictures of our dead bodies will give you a chuckle.


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