July 11, 2007

Water for Elephants – the movie

Posted in Books to Movies at 9:32 pm by librarygirl

According to Cinematical.com, the book Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is being adapted into a movie. The book which was on the New York Time’s Bestseller List is a Depression-era story about a young man in the circus. I haven’t personally read the book so I can’t give my opinion on how good it will be as a movie.

Have any of you read it? Do you think it will make a good movie?



  1. Heather said,

    Read the book. It was fantastic… Think it lends itself to screen. Can’t wait to find out who will be casted.

  2. Mark said,

    Our bookclub enjoyed the book and decided to cast Christina Ricci as Marlena, Jim Broadbent as Uncle Al, Adrien Brody as August and maybe Eric Stoltz as Jacob (both the 20 year old and the 90 year old version).

  3. Rob said,

    My casting:
    Uncle Al = Ian McShane
    August = Ciaran Hinds for an older spin, Ed Norton for a younger spin
    Marlena = Natalie Portman
    Jacob = Jake Gyllenhaal

  4. Gary C. Payne said,

    Sara Gruen’s research and attention to detail makes “Water for Elephants” the great read that it is. While a work of fiction, Ms Gruen went out of her way to base what happens in the book upon things that really happened on a circus of the era. If the same attention is paid to details in the movie…oh yeah….the movie will be a hit! I’m among the last American kids to actually earn a free pass to the circus, and it wasn’t toting water for elephants. Youl couldn’t tote enough water to quench an elephant’s thirst. (See chapter 1) Ms Gruen shows a genuine enthusiasm for the circus in general and elephants in particular, as do I! May all your days be circus days! See you at the movies!

  5. Hannah said,

    i LOVE the idea in fact i might be in the movie!!! i have connections with sara gruen 😛

  6. Mary Lou said,

    Loved the book……and while reading it, thought it would make a wonderful movie. Can’t wait for it to come out! If you haven’t read this book, I advise you to do so. You’ll be glad you did and will pass it on to your friends, I promise.

  7. Lindsey said,

    Oh yes this would make a grea movie! Even while I was reading it, I kept thinking ‘this book is just begging to be on the big screen..’
    I found out the producer is Andrew R. Tennenbaum (Bourne Series), however the screenwriter looks a little weak..
    As for my fantasy casting, I would have to say:

    Jacob = I’ve got to agree with Rob and say Jake Gyllenhaal (October Sky). Eric Stoltz is just too old to play the 20 something Jacob.

    Marlena = Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera) for sure

    August = My first pick would have been Heath Ledger.. but I suppose Daniel Day-Lewis would work too for an older August

    Uncle Al: Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man).

  8. Anna said,

    Hi, my husband and i live in LA and he is an up and coming Film Director. He has directed 3 feature films and would love to talk about possible directing this film. We recently got married in May and while we were honeymooning he read the entire book. As i lay there soaking up the sun i would hear him next to me just ohhing and ahhhing….Ever since, he has been telling everyone his passion for this book to adaptation to the screen, and how this will be an amazing film. best of luck….:)

  9. Ron L'Herault said,

    When I read this book, it unfolded in my head as if it were a movie. I think it will be a great one as long as NOTHING IS CHANGED! I’m not a fan of modern movies. They are, in general, too loud, too violent and too in-your-face, so I am not up on modern actors/actresses but when discussing casting among my commuting friends., Christina Ricci was the actress who I thought woud be a good fit for the part of Marlena.

  10. danny said,

    I think

    Walter: Michael J. Anderson
    Jacob: Ben Foster
    Al: John Goodman
    August: ?
    Marlena: Maggie Gyllenhaal

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