August 3, 2007

Daniel Silva’s The Messenger – the movie

Posted in Books to Movies at 7:50 pm by librarygirl

Well, Hollywood is at it again. According to Universal has just bought the rights to Daniel Silva’s entire spy series. The first movie in the works is based on a later books in the series titled The Messenger. I have not personally read any of the books by Silva so I can’t give my opinion, but in general I would think starting a series in the middle is not such a good idea.

Have any of you read The Messenger or any of Silva’s books? How do you think it will do as a movie? Do you think starting in the middle of the series is a good or bad idea?



  1. Anand said,

    Daniel silva’s novels will be fast paced and huge page turners.
    The Messenger is one of the best works of Daniel Silva. It will be fantastic to see the Gabriel Allon and Ari in movie and I am early waiting for that.

  2. Joseph M Ring said,

    I’m reading The Messenger and I do think it’s a great book even though i haven’t finish it yet.
    I think it would be an excellent idea to bring this book to Hollywood…

    I huge you,

    Joseph M Ring

  3. Graciano said,

    I have read most of Daniel Silva’s books that relates to Gabriel Allon. I am guessing Universal will somehow incorporate the earlier books as background elements and building up to the main plot in The Messenger. I think the movie version will be a hit. Moviegoers who liked the Jason Bourne series will become even more addicted to Gabriel Allon and the elite section of the Israeli’s secret service.

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