May 14, 2007

Nebula Award Winner Announced

Posted in Nebula Awards at 10:33 pm by librarygirl

Here is a message for all you Sci-fi lovers out there, me being one of them. The winner of the SFWA Nebula Award was announced over the weekend. (drum roll please)

And the winner for best novel goes to Seeker by Jack McDevitt.

I have personally not read this book. But now I think I better, you just can’t pass up a good Sci-fi. If you would like to read the book as well, you can pick it up at the library today.

Do you agree with the SFWA’s choice? Or do you think a different book was more deserving of the award? Leave us a comment and tell us your thoughts.


April 11, 2007

SFWA Nebula Award Nominees

Posted in Nebula Awards at 12:23 am by librarygirl

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) have recently released the nominees for the Nebula Award. The Novel finalists are:

The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner

Seeker by Jack Devitt

The Girl in the Glass by Jeffrey Ford

Farthing by Jo Walton

From the Files of the Time Rangers by Richard Bowes

To Crush the Moon by Wil McCarthy

The winner won’t be announced until May so that gives you plenty of time to read all the nominees and decide for yourself who the winner should be. Once you make your decision be sure to leave us a comment let know which one it is…